How to Analyze Your Poker Hands Like a Pro Using 2024 Tracking Software

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When you first start playing poker, understanding what hands beat what and the basic mechanics occupy most of your time. Most players stop learning at that point, just enjoying poker as a hobby, but if you want to win and move your way up to the high stakes games and tournament play, you need a deeper understanding of poker strategies, and when to apply them.

In the past, that meant reading books and watching how others play, but today we have a wide array of tools to help, and one that is consistently used by professional players is hand analysis, using a number of different software tools.

But why do they do it, and how can you follow this approach?

The Importance of poker hand analysis if you want to play like a pro

Improving your poker game means constantly refining your strategies, finding areas where you respond poorly, any weaknesses in your game, and working to improve in those situations. Unless you can spot those problems to begin with, you can’t work on them and find ways to approach such challenges differently and more effectively.

Hand analysis is the best way to really examine how you play in detail so that you can see patterns in your own game where you need to improve. You need your mind on the game while playing, but hand analysis is an opportunity to look back at choices when the pressure is off and see where you could do things differently and improve once games are over.

Using tracking software for more effective hand analysis

Hand analysis itself is not new, but it did mean writing things down as you played online poker and then trying to remember and understand things later on. Software tools make this a much simpler process now, not just that they can record each hand as you play online poker, but that they use artificial intelligence to spot errors in your game too, so provide the insight you want very quickly.

They can even recommend changes to your strategies to overcome those problem areas too. In that sense, they are more than a tool, but a poker coach, and it is no surprise to find that many of the top players in the world are using these kinds of tools after every game.

But how do you get started and what do you do?

How to choose the right software for advanced poker strategy analysis?

As you can imagine, there is a huge choice of software tools you can use to analyze your poker play, but how do you know which one is right for you? First, lets start with cost. There are free options that can be good to get a taste of how software can help your poker journey, but in reality, the tools that work best are also paid, so think about how much you want to invest.

But you also need to think about what you need, essential tools would be a poker tracker and something to analyse your performance, and you can often find both in a single software package. A HUD system provides valuable information about your opponents on the screen as you play at an online poker table, so you can use a range of poker tools and software to really give you an edge at the poker table.

Analyzing Hand Ranges

One of the key ways in which software tools can help you improve as a poker player is hand analysis. You can go through hands you have played, look at what you did and the outcomes, look at statistics for hands players and more to build a picture of where you may have a weakness in your game.

While poker courses and books have their place, going through actual hands played and seeing where you are vulnerable, then developing strategies to remove those weaknesses, is the single best way you can improve as a player.

One key area is hand ranges. You can never really know what cards a player has, but instead, you can be fairly accurate on the range of cards they may have in a specific situation. That range of hands is the key to assessing risk and probably player strategy, and perfect for spotting patterns in your opponents play.

How to use software to analyze hand ranges?

While every tool has its own way of doing things, in general, analyzing hands is a simple three step process.

Record the data

Tracker software can automatically record the hands you play at an online poker table, so set everything up and have it track everything you do. Remember, the more data the better, so get into the habit of recording every time you play online, and you will soon have a library of data that can tell you a lot about your own game.

Look for Problems that recur in your bet strategy

Ideally, you don’t want to make any mistakes when playing, but unless you are a world class professional poker player, then you are not going to play every game perfectly. So for most players, the true value of hand analysis is to identify mistakes that are repeating. These are the mistakes that will cost you games, and money, over time, so identifying, understanding, and remedying them will offer immediate benefits.

Check Probabilities

Yoo can also use software tools to help you see where you are prone to mistakes. There are several that can calculate odds and outcomes of each hand and quickly identify decisions that cost you hands or money.

This allows for rapid analysis and is a great way to proceed with reviewing the hands and gain a better insight into the likely poker ranges that are available in each situation.

Evaluating Post-Flop Play

The best poker tool packages allow you to really dig into the post flop play and see the data behind every choice made. It can also show information about your opponents’ tendencies and that can often be displayed in poker HUDs in real time during games to help you.

Using post flop analysis, you can refine your approach to every situation, understand poker odds and how to leverage them for more profitable decision making and more. It is here that many hands are won and lost, so it makes sense to refine your strategies here based on actual hands you have experienced.

Reviewing Key Metrics with HUD Poker tools and software

Essential poker tools allow you to see metrics such as big blinds won, percentage of wins from river bets and more, so you can again continue to refine your game to achieve better outcomes. By reassessing those important metrics after every game, you can see where things are improving, with at-a-glance information of where things still need work.

How to interpret and leverage these metrics to enhance your online poker game

Understanding the numbers is key to success with this approach to poker play improvement, however the best poker tools provide good insight into what they mean for you. Focus on one at a time, let the numbers explain what the problem is, whether it is being too adventurous at the River or whatever, and make the conscious choice to adapt that into your game.

Learning from Mistakes

Not everything is a strictly tactical issue, sometimes you just get it wrong. That is OK, it is part of the process of learning poker, as long as you learn from it. If you are not analysing other player’s correctly, or misjudging the percentage of calls required to make a situation profitable, then the lesson is clear.

Making an error is what happens as we learn, not making it again is what happens when we improve.

Practicing Efficiently

Understanding where weaknesses in your game are means that you can focus your practice more efficiently and effectively. By understanding where your game is weak, you can have practice games that look specifically at those issues and help you develop new approaches to overcome they faster and more effectively.


Why is hand analysis important in poker?

It is one of the best ways of understanding your own game and where the weaknesses in your strategies are found. It can quickly identify reoccurring issues and allow you to formulate strategy changes to overcome them.

How do I understand my opponent’s tendencies?

You can quickly see how they most often behave at every point of the hand, ensuring that you can better predict what they are doing during games in the future.

What is a hand range?

The hand range is a number of card combinations available in a specific situation. You can’t guess the exact cards an opponent may have, but you can have a good idea of the range of cards they may have.

How can I practice analyzing poker hands?

There are a number of free poker trackers, or use the trial version of commercial poker tools, to record your online poker games and then review the data afterwards.


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